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MKM 501E - Signal Processing Applications in Mechatronics

Course Objectives

- apply basic properties of time-invariant linear systems
- understand sampling, aliasing, convolution, filtering, the pitfalls of
spectral estimation
- explain the above in time and frequency domain representations
- use filter-design software
- visualise and discuss digital filters in the z-domain
- use the FFT for convolution, deconvolution, filtering
- implement, apply and evaluate simple DSP applications in MATLAB

Course Description

Signals may have to be transformed in order to amplify or filter out embedded information, detect patterns, prepare the signal to survive a transmission channel, prevent interference with other signals sharing a medium, undo distortions contributed by a transmission channel, compensate for sensor deficiencies and find information encoded in a different domain.
To do so, we also need methods to measure, characterise, model and simulate transmission channels, mathematical tools that split common channels and transformations into easily manipulated building blocks.

Course Coordinator
Hülya Yalçın
Hülya Yalçın
Course Language
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