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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Biyoinorganik Kimya
English Bioinorganic Chemistry
Course Code
KIM 518E Credit Lecture
Semester 2
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Behice Şebnem Sesalan
Course Objectives 1. To introduce the biochemistry which forms with the overlap of chemistry and biology.
2. To explain the biological events (respiration, photosynthesis) with chemical reactions.
3. To explain the chemical structures of biological units.
4. To teach the importance of transition metal complexes as drugs in industry
Course Description Introduction to biochemistry, the cell and its biochemical organization, metalloporphyrins, photosynthesis and respiration, hemoglobin, myoglobin, and cytochromes, blue copper proteins, functions of metal ions in genetik regulation, metal complexes as anticancer agents.
Course Outcomes
Required Facilities
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