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MBG 513 - Enzyme Kinetics

Course Objectives

To provide information on enzyme and enzyme applications.

To train students to analyse rate data of single or two/multi substrate enzyme-catalysed reaction.

To provide information on immobilized enzymes and applications.

To provide information on the importance of enzyme kinetic studies to develop an understanding on how living systems work and on the usage of enzymes in industry

To improve students ability to engage in life-long learning

Course Description

Basic concepts; Structure of enzymes, bioenergetic, Kinetics of enzyme; Equations of Michealis Menten, Lineweaver-Burk ve Eadie-Hofstee, effects of temperature and pH, inhibition, competitive, noncompetitive-uncompetitive inhibitors, inhibition of substrat and product, activation, sigmoid kinetics and allosteric enzymes, immobilized enzymes, methods and applications, experimental measurement of enzyme activity; initial velocity measurements; mechanism of enzymatic catalysis

Course Coordinator
Fatoş Yüksel Güvenilir
Course Language
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