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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Veri Toplama ve Sinyal İşleme
English Data Acquis.&Signal Processing
Course Code
MTA 551E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Kenan Yüce Şanlıtürk
Course Objectives - to introduce various types of hardware used in a typical measurement chain, the main focus being vibration and acoustic measurements,
- to provide practical knowledge and experience on sampling theory, resolution and accuracy.
- to provide practical knowledge on data acquisition and setting up a measurement system using modern tools.
- to teach main signal processing techniques both in time and frequency domains.
Course Description Introduction to data acquisition and signal processing. Types of signals. Components in the measurement chain. Sampling theorem. Resolution and accuracy. Time Domain Processing: Statistical analysis, correlation, convolution and digital filtering. Frequency Domain Processing: Fourier series, frequency resolution and windowing, Discrete Fourier analysis, aliasing, auto spectrum, cross spectrum, Frequency Response (Transfer) Function, Coherence, Envelope and Cepstrum Analyses, Digital filtering and design of filters.
Course Outcomes Students will
i) gain fundamental knowledge about the elements of measurement chain,
ii) gain ability to design an experimental test rig and to select the ‘right’ hardware for the purpose,
iii) gain practical knowledge about modern signal processing techniques and the ability to use them.
iv) gain ability to interpret the measured or processed data and to report the results.
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