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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Mimari Tasarımda Bilişimde Özel Konular
English Special Topics in Architectural Design Computing
Course Code
MBL 549E Credit Lecture
Semester 1
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Sevil Yazıcı
Sevil Yazıcı
Course Objectives 1. To question the role of materials in integrated architectural design process.
2. To evaluate the relationship between material, form, performance, optimization and digital fabrication.
3. To internalize algorithmic design processes that require systematic approach.
4. To realize creative design applications, in which material is the driving force.
Course Description Evaluating role of materials in architectural design process; assessing material, form and performance in natural systems integrally; computational design process run by materials in architecture; properties of materials affecting architectural design; relationship between structure, performance, optimization and digital fabrication methods; design between scales; re-interpreting material systems in architecture by digital design and fabrication methods; material synthesis in architectural design by evaluating different types of parameters.
Course Outcomes 1. To interpret the contribution of material into architectural design process.
2. To increase skills of working in interdisciplinary context.
3. To internalize the role of technology in architectural design
4. To participate in solutions of complex problems in architectural design.
5. To gain research, analysis and interpretation skills.
6. To produce new information by developing the existing knowledge.
Required Facilities
Other References 1. Gramazio, F., Kohler, M. and Langenberg, S. (2014). Fabricate: Negotiating design & making, gta Verlag, Zurich.

2. Kolarevich, B., Klinger, K. (2008). Manufacturing Material Effects Rethinking Design and Making Architecture, Routledge, New York.
3. Menges, A. (2015). Material synthesis: fusing the physical and the computational, John Wiley & Sons, London.
4. McDowell, D.L., Pancal, J.H., Choi, H., Seepersad, C.C., Allen, J.K., Mistree, F. (2010). Integrated Design of Multiscale Multifunctional Materials and Products, Elsevier, Burlington-MA.
5. Terzidis, K. (2006). Algorithmic Architecture, Elsevier, Oxford-UK.
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