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KIM 513E - Ionic Equlibria

Course Objectives

1.To gain a quantitative insight into the details of solution chemistry and chemical equilibrium
2.To gain skill to make simple approximations for solving complicated chemical equilibrium problems
3. To learn graphical representations for observing the feature of the simple or complicated problems and solving of those problems using graphical representations
4.To make quantitative prediction about the results of chemical experiments and numerical estimation of many quantities which might be extremely diffucult to measure directly

Course Description

Equilibrium State,Equilibrium Constants,Free Energy and Equilibrium Constant , Determination of Equilibrium Constant , Aqueous solutions and Equilibrium in aqueous solutions, Precipitation Equilibria, Asid-Base Equilibria, Complex Formation Equilibria, Systematic Equilibrium Calculation, Application of Equilibrium Calculation to complex systems, Simultaneous equations, Graphical Representations of Precipitation Equilibria, Graphical Representations of Asid-Base Equilibria, Oxidation-Reduction Equilibria
E-pH diagrams, The construction of E-pH diagrams

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Özcan
Course Language
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