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CHZ 511 - Engineering Mathematics

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to present mathematical solution to practical mathematical problems starting with modeling. In this purpose, students will produce new solutions for necessary applications, achieve these solutions and create new solutions for similar circumstances by providing necessary methods systematically for solving problems for engineering applications.

Course Description

Formulation of Engineering Problems and Introduction, Basic Concepts of Optimization and Mathematical Modeling in Mineral Processing, Statistical Analyses of Process Data: Basic Concepts (Significant and Error Definitions, Error Analyses), Statistical Analyses of Process Data: Probability Distributions (Frequency Distributions, Histogram, Distribution Polygons), Particle Size Distribution-Distribution Functions, Particle Liberation: Beta Distribution and Its Graphically Presentation, Simulation of Particle Size Distribution during Comminution, Andrews-Mika Diagram, Curve Fitting and Least Squares Methods, Regression, Solid-Liquid Separation: Regression Applications in Filtration, Macroscopic and Microscopic Mass, Energy and Momentum Balances, Modeling Hierarchy, Differential Equations and its Solution Techniques, Modeling in Comminution, Modeling in Gravity and Magnetic Separation Techniques, Modeling in Flotation

Course Coordinator
Murat Olgaç Kangal
Course Language
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