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MET 603E - Production of Refractory Metal

Course Objectives

Explanation of the basic principles of production methods of refracter metals
Teaching the basic principles of using refracter metals
Introducing important refracter metals and examining their usage areas
Teaching production methods of important refracter metals
Understanding the latest technologies in refractory metals

Course Description

Chemical and physical basis of refractory alloying elements production techniques, Carbothermic and Metallothermic reduction reactions, Raw materials; Ore, Concentrate, Slag, Waste and Recycling Materials, Production Tools and Equipment; Blast Furnace, Metallothermic Process, Electrothermic Process, Refractories, Electrodes, Vacuum Processes, Electrolysis Processes, Production of Chromium and its alloys, Production of Tungsten and its alloys, Production of Titanium and its alloys, Production of Molybdenum and its alloys, Production of Boron and its alloys, Niobium and its alloys, Zirconium and its alloys production, Tantalum and Hafnium

Course Coordinator
Onuralp Yücel
Course Language
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