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YAB 601 - Acoustical Project of Radio and Television Studios

Course Objectives

• Considering acoustical needs in the process of preparing the projects of radio and television studios, examination of site selection, planning, location and form at settlement scale
• Preparing acoustical projects of radio and television studios
• Determination of the details of radio and television studios

Course Description

In this lesson, acoustical design of radio and television studios is clarified. In radio and television studios, ensuring homogeneous distribution of sound, providing required reverberation time, reducing modal problems frequently observed in small rooms as much as possible, prevention of delayed reflections, prevention of acoustic problems and preparation of sound insulation details are explained.

Course content = Design of studios (location selection, acoustic design of volumes), studio types and features, studio sizes, wave theory, room modes, types of modes, reverberation time, echoes, sound control rooms (general layout, glass and door details, control tables, resonances inside the room), Acoustic effect of variable surface materials in studios (absorbent reflective, scattering surfaces, acoustic screens, etc.), using sound absorbing materials and constructions according to radio and television studios, noise sources affecting studios, sound insulation (sound insulation of walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, doors, windows)

Course Coordinator
Tarık Serhat Bozkurt
Course Language
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