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MTZ 527 - Detail Design in Architecture

Course Objectives

Introduction of design principles of physical building components.

Ability to use different methods for collecting information, setting design criteria, evaluation techniques, decision making techniques, design strategies and problem solving in the context of functional building element design.

Ability to design building elements in the context of materialisation of the design idea, considering whole-detail relation.

Course Description

Construction of physical building components. Building element systems, structural system, and service systems. Interaction of materials-technology-design. Building element systems, structural system, service systems as composition components in architectural design. Meaning, communication, identity, perception and aesthetic dimensions of building element systems, structural system, service systems. Building element design as part of the whole building design. Methods for building element design. Systems approach and performance approach in building element design. Design in the context of whole-detail relation. Using the functionality, constructibility aesthetics and cost criteria in building element design. Intensive reading, writing, discussion, application of theoretical knowledge into design.

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Cem Altun
Course Language
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