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END 559 - Warehouse Design and Management

Course Objectives

To teach storage and distribution functions, which are the basic elements of logistics management.

To present in detail the facilities such as warehouse, distribution center, collection center, transfer center, which are necessary to meet the demands of the customers on time and in the desired amount.

To train engineers who will determine the functions, sizes and places of establishment in the most appropriate way for various warehouse facilities.

To introduce systems that help to plan the distribution effectively and efficiently and to ensure the most optimal use of distribution resources.

Course Description

Warehouse and Storage Concept and Its Importance in Logistics Management, Warehouse Types, Warehouse Location Selection, Storage Processes, Handling Equipment, Rack Systems, Pallet Standards, Manpower Planning in Warehouses, Warehouse Design, Information Systems in Storage, Distribution Systems, Distribution Resources Planning, Storage and Distribution Performance Measurement and Evaluation

Course Coordinator
Murat Baskak
Course Language
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