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GEM 407E - Methods of Ship Production

Course Objectives

The main aim of this module is to equip students with methods and tools for production of marine vessels. The objectives of the class are as follows:
• A good knowledge of methods and tools for production of marine vessels
• An appreciation and good understanding of various issues in shipyard organisation
• An ability to analyse system requirements before choosing appropriate production methods and tools
Students will:
• Be given an understanding through practice of ship production
• Observe a shipyard in action through the site visits
• Experience the process of technical report writing
The development of skills that will be of use to graduates in their future engineering role is seen as vital. The course aims to meet the challenge of enhancing the individual’s skills through a series of lectures, invited lecturers, site visits, and class assignments.

Course Description

Definition of ship production, interim product, work package content, product-oriented work breakdown structure (PWBS), group technology (GT), area stage and zone based production methods, hull block construction methodology (HBCM), integrated hull construction outfitting and painting method (IHOP), Effects of different production methods on the shipyard layout, material-handling systems, resource usage etc. Usage of other materials in ship production (Aluminium, FRP). Welding Methods, Preparation of WPQRs, NDT procedures and applications

Course Coordinator
Gökhan Tansel Tayyar
Course Language
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