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MTS 523 - Architectural Design And Technology

Course Objectives

1. Course aims that to explain the relationships design and technology through the historical context via the architectural samples, to teach the students how the relationship between the technological level of the architectural samples via discussing on the selected samples presented the students.

2. For these reasons, course focus on the mass production and architectural product relation ships in context with design-computer aided design

3. The effects of the sustainability issues on the new aspects to architectural design

Course Description

Introduction; Construction technology; Progress of construction technology; Industrialized building systems; Industrialized building design; Architectural design process; Role of architects' in the industrialized building design process; Knowledge fields of architects'; Knowledgerepresentation; Technology form relations; Construction technology - building form relations, Technology and form relations with reference to Modern Movement; Technology and form relations with reference to Post-Modern period; High Tech Architecture,Sustainability

Course Coordinator
Sinan Mert Şener
Course Language
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