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Course Objectives

1. Rail transport Determination environmental dangers,
2. Determination of the criteria in making rail transport personnel planning
3. Rail transport and infrastructure, provide information about the periodic maintenance methods
4. Determination of rail transport and infrastructure, quality control methods
5. Rail transport systems give information on occupational health and safety
6. Rail transport vehicles and infrastructure for the improvement of information about the source and projects

Course Description

infrastructure design for rail systems, Components for rail systems infrastructure maintenance, Rail systems about legal requirements for the identification of occupational health and safety, Determination of the risk parameters for Rail Systems, Evaluation of environmental dangers and the implementation of protective measures for rail systems, Business organization for rail systems, Checking the quality of the work on rail systems, Periodic maintenance planning vehicles and infrastructures for rail systems , Project and resource planning for the system to improve, Training planning and organizational activities, Measurement, assessment and certification activities, Personnel resources and planning

Course Coordinator
Süreyya Ergün Bozdağ
Course Language
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