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YTT 503E - Innovative&Func.Mat.&Prod.

Course Objectives

1. To give information about innovative and functional materials for high-tech textiles
2. To give information on types of "functions" which can be built into the textiles using functional/innovative materials
3. To give information about technology management and innovation strategies in functional/smart textile development

Course Description

The course includes: electro conductive and (organic) semi conducting materials. Conductive Nanofibers and Nanocoatings. Optical Fibers. Energy Harvesting Materials. Property/Energy/Matter Changing Materials. Radiation shielding Materials. UV Blocking Agents. Flame Retardant Materials. Super-absorbent Materials. Super-hydropholic, Hydropholic, and Oleophobic Materials. Antimicrobial Agents. Shear Thickening Agents for Ballistic Applications. Biomaterials for Textiles

Course Coordinator
Cevza Candan
Course Language
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