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BLG 609E - Advanced Topics in Comp. Eng.: Autism and Computational Approaches

Course Objectives

1. To provide information about autism
2. To teach computational approaches that can contribute early diagnosis of autism and education of individuals with autism
3. To provide skills to conduct interdisciplinary research

Course Description

“Autism is a neurological problem which is accepted to be caused by the brain’s and neural system’s different structure or activation, starting from the birth. Autism, which avoids interaction with the others, and causing the person to stay in his/her internal world, generally appears before 3 years and affects the individual’s social communication, interaction, and behaviours negatively”. It is estimated that in Turkey, there are 450.000 autistic people, where 125.000 of them are children. Unfortunately, since the number of teachers, who are qualified in autism is limited, there are important problems in giving special education to children diagnosed with autism. To fill this gap rapidly, it is important to educate teachers who are experienced in this field, as well as providing solutions by using computational methods in the related fields. In addition, it is crucial to collect behavior data from the little children in high quantities, and studying on extracting information to enable the early diagnosis of autism from this data. Considering these issues, autism will be addressed in this course from different views, both early diagnosis of autism and computational methods which enable improvements in the autistic individuals’ education will be studied.

Course Coordinator
Zehra Çataltepe
Course Language
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