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ELK 505 - High Voltage Underground Cables

Course Objectives

1. To introduce high voltage underground and underwater cables,
2. To teach electrical and thermal design of the HV cables and modelling,
3. To analysis behaviors of the HV cables under physical stresses such as electrical and thermal stress,
4. To introduce production, selection, installation, and operation of the HV cables
5. To give discharge phenomena, aging, material knowledge, test and design techniques for the HV cables.

Course Description

Types of power cable and definitions. Conductors and insulating materials for cables. Calculations of cable parameters. Design of cables: Electrical field distributions and electrical stress performance. Aging, electrical treeing and partial discharges in cables. Thermal characteristics and current carrying capacities of cables. Short-time and short-circuit performance of cables. Cooling of cables. Cable losses. Transposition of cables. Interference and screening of cables. Corrosion and protection of cables. Cable manufacturing. Cable tests. Cable selection. Diagnosis and location of cable faults. Economics of cable. Cable accessories: terminations and joints. Special cables (direct-current cables, superconducting cables, gas insulated cables, cables with sodium conductor, extra high voltage cables, sea cables). Cable standards and specifications.

Course Coordinator
Özcan Kalenderli
Course Language
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