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MTS 623 - Psychology in Architecture

Course Objectives

1. To examine the contributions of psychology to architecture in the process of creating and using space, focusing on the concept of space being a living atmosphere reflecting human emotions, perceptions, values, tastes and experiences.
2. Ensuring that students look at their own cognitive processes consciously; On the other hand, understanding the psychological effects of the spaces created by the designer on the users.

Course Description

Design psychology: Cognitive processes in design, Gestalt thought, behavioral movement, perceptual approach. Creative thinking and behavioral models in designing, the effects of various architectural trends on creative thinking and problem solving. Designing alone, designing together environments, experience of designing in digital and virtual environments. User-designer mental interaction. Environmental and spatial psychology: Perception, comprehension and spatial behavior patterns, spatial instinct, crowd and privacy concepts, design and determinism, adaptation to the environment, changing environment and other improvement models. Design thinking and space experience relations, understanding and living in space, meaning of space.

Course Coordinator
Elmira Ayşe Gür
Course Language
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