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MBL 531E - Computer Programming in Architecture

Course Objectives

1.Teaching the basic programming concepts and logic regarding the future potential of computer usage in architectural in a more comprehensive way.
2. Supporting the ability to structure algorithm , develop computer models and computational thinking for solution of an architectural problem using related models and techniques.

Course Description

Information about computer programming; developing algorithms; Structures of flow charts; Structures of programs, process of programming; Editing and creating program files. Types of data and variables in structured programming languages; Operators, expressions; Input-output statements, conditional statements, structures of loops, repititive statements, procedures and functions; Description models of architectural forms in computers and their applications; Developing algorithms and computer models for solution of an architectural problem; Developing simulation models which can be used in solving architectural problems, structuring their algorithms and computer programming applications.

Course Coordinator
Sema Alaçam
Course Language
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