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YTT 515E - Geosynthetics

Course Objectives

1. To create comprehensive knowledge on geotextiles
2. To discuss polymeric materials and textile structures used in geotextiles and to analyze the design criteria of geotextiles
3. To examine the global and local market of the geotextiles

Course Description

Description, definition, properties and the classification of Geosynthetics (Geotextiles); High performance polymeric materials for geosyntetics; Films, membranes and textile structure for geotextiles; Design criteria for geotextiles; Geotextile products for reinforcements; Geotextile products for separation; Geotextile products for dreinage; Geotextile products for protection against environmental hazards; Functionalised Geotextile products; Global and local market analysis for Geotextile products. Global and local Geotextile manufacturers.

Course Coordinator
Ali Demir
Course Language
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