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HSK 511E - Fuzzy Logic Model. Engineering

Course Objectives

Fuzzy logic principles are one of the most important topics in recent years, which help to solve even very complex problems without formulations in order to control, predict and filtering concerned phenomena.

This is natural logic coupled with reasoning has a very potential usage in future engineering researches and adaptations.

Application of reasoning and logic to analytical applications aid to find solutions to many up to date problems with fuzzy logic rules.

Course Description

Uncertainty Concepts; Classical Sets and Characteristic Values; Fuzzy Sets and Membership Degrees; Membership Functions; Fuzzification; Fuzzy Set Operations, Anding, Oring and Noting; Fuzzy Relationships; Fuzzy Mathematics, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division; Fuzzy Logic Propositions, Predicates, Consequents and Decisions; Defuzzification, Fuzzy Rules and Systems, Applications.

Course Coordinator
Abdüsselam Altunkaynak
Course Language
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