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YTT 513E - Comfort of High Perform.Tex.

Course Objectives

1. To examine new textiles, materials and innovative technologies for high performance textiles
2. To examine general comfort types for high performance textiles
3. To evaluate comfort properties of different high performance clothing

Course Description

Introduction to the comfort of high performance textiles, smart and comfortable new textiles and materials for high-tech clothing, design of high-performance garments using high performance textiles, innovative technologies and comfort for high performance textiles, thermophysiological comfort of high performance textiles, moisture management for high performance textile fabrics, sensorial and tactile comfort of high performance textiles, psychological comfort in high performance textiles, ergonomic comfort in high performance textiles, comfort testing methods, comfort of high-performance apparel for heat and fire protection, extreme cold and wet weather, sportswear, medical textiles.

Course Coordinator
Selin Hanife Eryürük
Course Language
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