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UUM 613 - Convection Phenomena in Aerospace Systems

Course Objectives

1-Understanding of phsical laws and conservation equation for clear and porous medium.
2- Learning and applying heat and mass transfer in aeronautics and astronoutics.
3-Learning of matematical modelling of convective heat transfer problems and numerical solution algorithms.

Course Description

Fundamental laws and general conservation equations, boundary layer, Heat and mass transfer for clear fluid and porous medium, forced, natural and combined convection, Permeability and porosity, Darcy’s law, Local thermal non- equilibrium model for porous medium, High topics in aeronautics engineering, icing problem for aircraft and its mathematic modelling, porous burner, Thermal protection system with use of porous media , Heat pipe, nano fluid, MHD

Course Coordinator
Ahmet Cihat Baytaş
Course Language
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