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Course Objectives

1. To give basic information about experimental stress analysis.
2. To make students learn about the methods of experimental stress analysis
3. To teach the Wheatstone bridge circuit and Strain gage application technique
4. To teach Stress Analysis with the data processing

Course Description

Stress, Two-Dimensional Stress State at a Point, Principal Stress, Stress-Strain Relations, Strain and Displacement, Principal Strains and Mohr’s Strain Circle, Methods of Experimental Stress Analysis, Measurements Systems, Electrical resistance strain gages, The principle of measuring the electrical resistance strain gage, Strain Gage configurations and classification, Operations in preparation for strain gage bonding and measurement, Gage Factor and cross-sensitivity coefficient, Wheatstone bridge circuit, Full, half and quarter-bridge circuits Wheatsone, Strain gage based force, pressure, acceleration sensors, and potentiometers, Strain Gage Rosette and data analysis, Shunt calibration resistor,photoelasticity, optical measurement methods

Course Coordinator
Süreyya Ergün Bozdağ
Course Language
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