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YTT 507E - Polymers for Techn.Textiles

Course Objectives

1. Understanding the general properties, synthesis, and production methods of polymers employed in technical textiles.
2. Understanding the modification techniques of textile surfaces and polymeric materials employed in technical textiles.
3. Understanding polymers used in the textile based composites and their physical properties.
4. Understanding the polymers employed in technical textiles applications such as medical, transportation, and protection.
5. To gain the knowledge for choosing and characterizing polymer for designing technical textiles.

Course Description

General knowledge about the general properties, synthesis, structural properties and melt properties of polymers employed in technical textiles. Polymer processing techniques for producing technical textiles, surface modification of polymers and technical textiles. Mechanical properties of polymer based textile composites. Investigating the polymers and their properties used in technical textiles such as protective textiles, electronic textiles, filters, geotextiles and medical textiles.

Course Coordinator
İkilem Göcek
Course Language
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