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JEO 696 - Scientific Research, Ethics and Seminar

Course Objectives

To define the concept of "scientific research" on the basis of universal ethical principles and values, To determine the basic principles of scientific research and to emphasize the social benefits of scientific research within the scope of ethical principles. To gain global awareness and career inquiry ability. To complete a scientific study by observing social benefit and complying with ethical principles and to gain the ability to present it in written and verbal.

Course Description

The origin, meaning and historical development of the word ethics; Ethical theories and ethical types; Universal and individual freedom dimension of ethics; To discuss the importance of ethical principles in scientific research; To draw attention to professional responsibility in scientific research and to discuss its social benefit / harm within the scope of ethical values. Discussing the consequences of breaking ethical rules in scientific research with practical applications.

Course Coordinator
Yüksel Örgün Tutay
Course Language
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