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YTT 501E - Advanced Topics in Tech.Tex.

Course Objectives

1. To introduce local and global technical textiles market
2. To introduce technical textile categories
3. To introduce the purpose of use and applications of technical textiles
4. To examine raw materials and production techniques in technical textiles

Course Description

An overview of the technical textiles sector. Textile-reinforced composite materials. Waterproof breathable fabrics. Textiles in filtration. Geotextiles in civil engineering. Textiles for healthcare and medical applications. Technical textiles for ballistic protection. Technical textiles for knife and slash resistance. Technical fibers for heat and flame protection. Technical textiles for personal thermal protection. Technical textiles for survival. Technical textiles in transport (land, sea, and air), Energy harvesting and storage textiles. Rope, cord, twine, and webbing.

Course Coordinator
İkilem Göcek
Course Language
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