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KMM 612E - Transport Phenomena II

Course Objectives

1. To develop solid understanding of macroscopic and microscopic mass transfer phenomena .
2. To train how to determine diffusion coefficient for gas, liquid and solid systems
3. To teach solution techniques of mass transfer problems when homogenous or heterogeneous reaction accompany with diffusion under steady-state conditions.
4. To model and solve unsteady-state problems of mass transfer using special PDE solution techniques
5. To provide the concepts of convective mass transfer

Course Description

Transport Phenomena II course provides the students with an advance level background in the physical aspects of mass transport phenomena in chemical systems. The emphasis is on the physical concepts of mass transfer and the posing of the problem defining the careful and compact statement of the conservation principles (conservation of mass) in connection with the flux expressions. In essence, the language of transport phenomena course is mathematics.

Diffusion and diffusion coefficient for binary and multicomponents systems for mass transfer will be introduced along with the boundary conditions. Definition of molecular transport mechanisms and the analogy between mass, energy and mass transport will be introduced. Formulation of mass transfer models starting from one-dimensional steady-state case to unsteady or bidirectional transport and analytical solution of model equations with related inital and boundary conditions forms the mainframe of this course. Convective transport due to bulk flow will be introduced and modeled using boundary layer theory and mass transfer coefficient concepts.

Course Coordinator
Melek Mümine Erol Taygun
Course Language
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