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GGP 510E - Special Topics in Estat.Devel.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course students will be able to learn:

• Real estate finance markets,
• Mortgaged housing loans in real estate finance markets,
• Securitization,
• Securities markets based on mortgaged housing loans,
• Real estate market and finance in Turkey

Course Description

The aim of related course is to examine the real estate market in the country and to investigate the real estate financing markets within the frame of the act related to housing finance came into force in 2007. In this context, the real estate financing market, sources of funds on the market and financing methods used in the market will be discussed, and by detailing the concept of mortgage, types of mortgage loans granted in the first hand mortgage market, risks encountered in loans and the concept of mortgage insurance will be detailed in the course. Furthermore, the concept of securitization, the important element of the second hand mortgage market will be analyzed in the course. Under this main heading, the definition of securitization, emergence and development of securitization methods, the parties involved in the securitization process and other factors related to the process, securitization methods, the benefits and drawbacks of securitization practices, and receivable types subject to securitization applications will be discussed. Lastly, the real estate market in Turkey and its financing will be described in detail in the course. In this chapter, the place and importance of mortgaged real estate loans in Turkish banking sector and regulations for the development of securitization market based on mortgage loan in Turkey will also be examined.

Course Coordinator
Ali Hepşen
Course Language
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