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MTS 534 - Architectural Narratives

Course Objectives

1.To introduce architecture both as the part of the world of multiple narratives ( discourses
such as geography, history, art, etc.) and as a series of acts that are the sources and
reproductions of many subjective and collective narratives (such as economical, psychological,
and ideological factors)
2. To think of architecture as a series of practices in/of the history, theory, production, use and
representation of architecture, which is produced by itself and are produced.
3. To develop personal perspectives of the students in the context of various architectural
activities through the works they produce at the intersection of different disciplines in contact
with architecture, and from art to literature.

Course Description

Narrative and Literal Space, Mental and cognitive tools of narrative, Memory – Narrative-Nostalgia,Space/Place-Installing, Critical Thinking in Architecture, Popular Culture and Inventory of Everyday Life, Discourse Analyses in Architecture, Intertextuality Representation in Architecture: Translation- Reproduction- Mimesis – Narrative

Course Coordinator
Funda Uz
Course Language
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