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DUY 521 - Maritime Safety Management

Course Objectives

1. To teach the basic principles and terms in safety management.
2. To teach the steps of design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of maritime safety management.
3. To teach the positive contribution of effective safety management system on critical operational processes.
4. To teach the importance of safety culture in maritime organizations and companies.

Course Description

Safety fundamentals and modern safety management principles; introduction to maritime safety management; key elements of a maritime safety management; techniques for safety analysis: (Preliminary Hazard Analysis, Functional Hazard Assessment, FMEA FMECA, FTA, ETA, and etc.); performance measurement methods and tools for maritime safety management systems; Formal Safety Assessment (FSA): (i) The Principles of FSA, (ii) Quantification of FSA; auditing and reviewing of maritime safety management; the importance of safe behavior and choice management in maritime.

Course Coordinator
Kadir Çiçek
Course Language
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