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KBM 603E - Offshore Engineering

Course Objectives

Objectives of this course are to give to the Ph.D. students the principle information on the following points
1. Flow-Structure interactions in the sea media
2. Current and wave based hydrodynamic loads on offshore structures,
3. Flow induced vibrations on offshore structures
4. 4. Safety design of offshore structures

Course Description

Introduction To Offshore Structures. Review Of Wave Theories. Flow Around The Offshore Structures Under The Wave, Current and Combined Flow. Flow Around The Offshore Structures For Different Boundary Conditions (Roughness, Close The Bottom, In Trench) and Mathematical Treatment Of Flow Around A Body. Diffraction Effect, Forces On Large Bodies. Mathematical Solutions. Forces On The Offshore Structures Under Various Flow Conditions. Calculation Methods. Marine Pipelines, Engineering Applications and Solving Methods. Vibrations On The Offshore Structures (Free Vibrations, Structural Damping) Cross Flow and In Line Vibrations. Vibrations On Marine Pipelines (Steady Current and Wave) Mathematical Modeling Of Flow Induced Vibrations. Fatigue Analysis Of Structures During Vibrations. Scour Around Offshore Structures (Piles, Platform Legs, Bridge Pairs). Scour Process. Flow Patterns and Sediment Motion Near The Structure. Scour Around Marine Pipelines and Sea Outfall Systems. Engineering Solutions.

Course Coordinator
Şevket Çokgör
Course Language
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