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TEK 541E - Sustai.&Life Cyc. Asse.in Tex.

Course Objectives

1. To examine sustainability concept in textile and clothing industries.
2. To examine sustainability applications in different textile processes.
3. To evaluate end-of-life options for post-consumer in clothing.

Course Description

General outlook to the increasing trends in textile and clothing industry. Circular economy. Advantages and challenges of circular economy. Sustainability concept. Sustainability in textile and clothing. Carbon footprints in textile industry. Sustainable cotton and wool production. Sustainable synthetic fibers. Enzyme applications in textile processing for sustainable textiles. Basic sustainability concepts in textile dyeing. Sustainability in apparel and clothing. End-of-life options for post-consumer in clothing; re-use, recycle, composting, incineration and landfill. Recycle types; mechanical, chemical. Life cycle assessment studies.

Course Coordinator
Hale Karakaş
Course Language
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