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CKY 543 - Fire Protection in Building Design

Course Objectives

1. To indicate the importance of fire and sequence of it in building design.
2. To inform about the passive and active fire protection measures that has to be taken in a building.
3. To provide selection of systems and its components consisting of the buildings in terms of fire

Course Description

Ignition and Combustion, Fire and Phases of Development, Fire Spread Between Buildings, Fire Spread Inside the Building, Smoke and Toxic Gases, Compartmentation, Determination of Escape Routes, Fire
Precautions in Building Elements, Special Considerations in Various Building Types, Structural Fire Protection, Smoke Ventilation, Combustion Characteristics of Building Materials, Regulation and Standards, Smoke Detection and Automatic Suppression, Illumination of Means of Egress, Other Methods Used in Extinction, Case Studies.

Course Coordinator
Nuri Serteser
Course Language
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