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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Erken Yerküre Sistemi
English The Early Earth System
Course Code
JEO 633E Credit Lecture
Semester 3
- 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Nurgül Çelik Balcı
Course Objectives 1-Understanding of geological and geochemical processes related to the Early Earth
2-Understanding of origin and evolution of life on the Earth and its record in the rocks
3-Identification and determination of geochemical properties of the rocks preserving biological fingerprints.
4-The rise of oxygen and its influence on diversification of life on the Earth
Course Description This course is to introduce graduate science the complexity and dynamics of Earth governing by chemical/physical/biological systems and try to understand interactions among the different components of Earth thorough the Earth History.
Course Outcomes 1-Understanding of Evolution of the Earth
2-Evolution of litosphere, biosphere and atmosphere
3-Interactions between litosphere, biosphere and atmosphere and their consequences
4-Geological records for understanding Earth History and implications for search life in the universe.
5-Origin and Evolution of Life: is the Earth only Habitable planet ?
6-Geology for Astrobiology researches: why geology is backbone ?
Required Facilities
Other References Life on a Young Planet: The First Three Billion Years of Evolution on Earth, by Andrew Knoll (2016). Sixh Edition..

Stromatolites: Ancient, Beautiful, and Earth-Altering. Bruce L. Stinchcomb, R. J. Leis. (2015). Schiffer Publishing,

Understanding Earth, by John Grotzinger and Tom Jordan (2010).

Early Earth Systems, by Rollinson, H., 2007, Blackwell, 285 pp.

Emerald Planet How Plants Changed Earth's History by Beerling, David, 2007, Oxford University Press, USA.

Geochemistry: Pathways and Processes, 2nd Ed., McSween, Richardson, and Uhle, 2003, Columbia Univ. Press, 363 pp.

•The Chemical Evolution of the Atmosphere and Oceans, by Holland, H.D., 1984, Princeton University Press, 582 pp.

How to Build a Habitable Planet, by Broecker, W.S., 1998, Eldigio Press, 291 pp.
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