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MBG 511E - Fermentation Technology

Course Objectives

1. To analyse growth and product formation mechanisms at cellular level by introducing stoichiometry, kinetic and thermodynamic concepts,
2. To introduce basic engineering concepts of fermentation technology and familiarize the students mass and energy balances at fermentor level.
3.To integrate kinetic and stoichiometric concepts at cellular level with macroscopic mass and energy balances in order to analyse the performance batch, fed-batch and continuous processes and to establish the link between the concepts at cellular level with industrial practice.

Course Description

Introduction to Biotechnological Processes, Structure and Function of Microorganisms, Metabolic Pathways and Microbial Energetics, Growth and Product Formation, Stoichiometry of Biological Reactions, Thermodynamics of Biological Reactions, Reaction Kinetics: Growth and Product Formation Rates, Structure and Classification of Fermentors in Industry, Transport Processes in Fermentors: Heat and Mass Transfer, Batch, Fed-Batch and Continuous Processes, Preparation of Growth Media, Sterilization and Air Filtration in Fermentation Industry

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Türker
Mustafa Türker
Course Language
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