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GID 604E - Food Carbonhydrates

Course Objectives

Provide knowledge about the chemical and nutritional aspects of carbohydrates, as well as their physicochemical properties and how carbohydrates can be used in product development for the benefit of the public.

Course Description

Mono and disaccharides: physicochemical and functional aspects, analytical aspects, health aspects, Carbohydrate reactions, Oligosaccharides: Chemistry, structure, food uses; Polysaccharides: Behaviors in solutions, dispersions and gels; Cell-wall polysaccharides: Cellulosics; Hemicellulosics; functional and analytical aspects; Gums and hydrocolloids: functional and analytical aspects, Starch: Structure and applications, functional, nutritional and analytical aspects; Starch enzymology; Modified starches; Bulking agents, fat mimetics and carbohydrates; Non-digestable carbohydrates: Dietary fiber: Chemistry, structure, measurements; Resistant starch: Structure and food uses ; Pectins: chemistry, functions and enzymology

Course Coordinator
Dilara Erdil
Course Language
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