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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Power System 2, Power System Operation and Control
English Special Topics in Electr.Eng.
Course Code
ELK 531E Credit Lecture
Semester 1
4 4 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Ramazan Çağlar
Course Objectives On completion of Distribution of Electrical Energy, the student will be able to have knowledge about and to do the following;
- Acquaint engineering students with power generation systems, their operation in an economic mode, and their control.
- Introduce mathematical optimization methods and apply them to practical operating problems.
- Introduce methods for solving complicated problems involving both economic analysis and network analysis.
- Introduce methods that are used in modern control systems for power generation systems.
Course Description The course is concerned with the application of advanced technologies, analysis methods, and tools with the objective of efficient system operation, control and reliability assessment of electric power systems. The need for power network analysis techniques under steady state conditions appears in many applications of power engineering.
Course Outcomes - Understand the solution methods of economic dispatch and static state estimation
- Apply the gradient and the Newton’s method to unconstrained nonlinear optimization problems;
- Apply the Lagrange’s method to the economic dispatch of thermal units;
- Understand and derive the weighted least-squares state estimation method of an electric power system.
- Explain the automatic generation control the automatic generation control and carry out a small-signal analysis of a multi-area system;
- Understand and derive the weighted least-squares state estimation method of an electric power system.
Pre-requisite(s) A familiarity with the principles of power system analysis as taught in Power System 1. Techniques of formulating and solving the load flow problem should be known to the student.
Required Facilities
Textbook These two texts are recommended but not required.
A. J. Wood and B. F. Wollenberg, Power generation, Operation and Control, 2nd ed., New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1996.
A. Monticelli, State Estimation in Electric Power Systems: A Gene-ralized Approach, Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999.
Other References 1. Power System Analysis, Hadi Saadat, McGraw-Hill
2. Power System Analysis, John, J. Grainger & W. D. Stevenson, McGraw-Hill
3. Ali Abur, Antonio Gómez Expósito, Power System State Estimation: Theory and Implementation, March 24, 2004 by CRC Press, ISBN 9780824755706
4. D. S. Kirschen and G. Strbac, Fundamentals of Power Systems Economics, John Wiley & Sons, 2004.G.
5. Roy BILLINGTON, Ronald N.ALLAN, "Reliability Evaluation of Engineering Systems", Plenum Press, 1983 (1st Ed.), 1992 (2nd Ed.).
6. Roy Billinton, Wenyuan Li, “Reliability assessment of electric power systems using Monte Carlo methods”, Plenum Press, 1994.
7. Roy BILLINGTON, R.N.ALLAN. "Reliability Assessment in Large Electric Power Systems", Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston 1988.
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