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BLG 520E - Cryptography

Course Objectives

1) To teach classical cryptography.
2) To teach Shannon's Theory
3) To teach block ciphers and attacks
4) To teach hash functions
5) To teach public key cryptosystems
6) To teach digital signature algorithms

Course Description

Classical cryptography: introduction: some simple cryptosystems, cryptanalysis of simple cryptosystems. Shannon's theory: probability theory, entropy, properties of entropy, product cryptosystems. Block ciphers: substiturion-permutation network, linear cryptanalysis, differential cryptanalysis, the data encryption standard (DES), advanced encryption standard (AES), modes of operation. Hash functions: collision-free hash functions, authentication codes. The RSA system and factoring: introduction to public-key cryptography, more number theory, the RSA cryptosystem. Public-key cryptosystems based on discrete logarithm problem: the ElGamal cryptosystem, finite field and elliptic curve systems, galois fields, elliptic curves. Signature schemes: introduction, the ElGamal signature scheme, the digital signature algorithm (DSA), the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA).

Course Coordinator
Sıddıka Berna Örs Yalçın
Course Language
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