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MBL 538 - Virtual Architectural Design Studio

Course Objectives

To be informed about production of architectural design product using the computer environment, starting from the conceptual design stage and by using 3D modeling software.
To experience joint studies in the virtual design studio in the design stages that requires collaboration and exchange of information
To contribute to learning in architecture education by hearing and seeing in the audio/visual environments provided by information technologies
To carry out common design studios in the national and international levels between educational institutions
To be informed about using information and communication technologies for the purpose of joint design in the joint studies that are performed in collaboration between architecture and engineering offices

Course Description

History of virtual design studio; Hardware and software for virtual design studio; Human-computer interaction; Concept of computer mediated collaborative design; Organizing and running a virtual design studio; Representation, documentation and communication of design information; Communication approaches: synchronous and asynchronous collaboration environment; Approaches in virtual architectural design studio; Models about participation to collaborative design in virtual studio; Architectural design in virtual studio: designing physical and virtual objects; Collaborative virtual architectural design studio; Sharing information for architectural design in virtual design studio; Designing in virtual studio.

Course Coordinator
Gülen Çağdaş
Hakan Tong
Course Language
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