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END 516 - Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Course Objectives

1. To explain importance and role of logistics management for companies.
2. To teach relationship between customer service level and total logistics cost.
3. To train student to determine a efficient logistics systems
4. To explain supply chain management approach and systems

Course Description

Transportation and Warehousing Concepts, Logistics Concept, Customer Service Level, 7 Goals and 7 Rights in Logistics, Logistics Costs and Total Logistics Cost Concept, Definition of Logistics Management and Main Logistics Activities, Turkish Logistics Industry, Outsourcing Concept, 3PL and LLP Concepts, Logistics Systems (Vehicle Routing, Milk Run, Crossdocking, etc.), Performance Management in Logistics, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management, 4PL Concept, Bullwhip Effect, Complexity in Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management Principles, Problems in Supply Chain Management and Solutions.

Course Coordinator
Şeyda Serdar Asan
Course Language
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