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MTS 506 - The Architecture of the City

Course Objectives

1. Grasping the inter-disciplinary interaction related to architecture
2. Evaluating and using new information at the intersection area of architecture and city with a systematical approach
3. Understanding architecture with a holistic approach including all social, artistic, scientific, cultural, political and ethical effects

Course Description

Urban design/theoretical and philosophical bases; theoretical approaches to city and urban space and to examine these approaches in relation to architecture.
The relations at the interface of architecture/urban design/landscape; landscape in the context of building/urban space relations, urban role of the buildings, their urban typologies, their contribution to city and urban space.
Urban texture; The evolution and change of urban texture, elements of urban texture/continuity/discontinuity/ typological and morphological relationships.
Urban space;The analysis of urban space/design, public/private dialectics in urban space/ social and cultural dimension.

Course Coordinator
Dilek Yıldız Özkan
Dilek Yıldız Özkan
Course Language
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