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HGP 599 - Graduation Project

Course Objectives

For MSc students, followings will be provided within their topic of project in the field of apparel retail and fashion management:
1. Developing and intensifying expert-level knowledge
2. Assessing the expert-level knowledge & skill gained through the study with a critical view
3. Solving the related problems using relevant research methods and making recommendations.

Course Description

The graduation project is a research and data intensive project studied with the supervision of an academic advisor and designed to creatively analyze an acceptable problem within the global apparel retail and fashion industry and to provide recommendations for its improvement. Topics may include challenges in apparel and fashion merchandising and retailing, sourcing, marketing, financial management, leadership, technology, or entrepreneurship. Through primary research, such as executive interviews and surveys; and secondary research, such as journals, government documents, marketing data, and other authoritative sources, students individually will provide supporting arguments for their recommendations.

Course Coordinator
Emel Önder Karaoğlu
Course Language
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