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MBL 617E - Spec.Topics in Arc.Design Com.

Course Objectives

1.To question the role of computation in advanced architectural design processes.
2.To internalize relationship between material, form, performance, optimization and fabrication/construction.
3.To evaluate the role of data in architectural design and fabrication/construction.
4.To assess artificial intelligence research and applications in architecture.
5.To interpret emerging research fields in architectural design and construction.

Course Description

Evaluating state of the art research on advanced architectural design and construction systems by using computational methods and models; assessing materialization, performance assessment, optimization and fabrication/construction processes in architectural design; data-driven design processes; artificial intelligence applications in architectural design, analysis and construction; emerging research fields in advanced architectural design and construction.

Course Coordinator
Sevil Yazıcı
Sevil Yazıcı
Course Language
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