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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 // Introduction to the course context and program
Getting to know each other, the three course topics, the course program
2 // Lecture 1: Scientific research: Basic definitions, process, design, and validity
— Science, research, scientific method;
— Research design process;
— Validity types in research: statistical conclusion, construct, external, internal validity
Discussion on possible seminar topics and contents
3 // Off-class study
Advisor/mentor meetings
Finalizing seminar topics
4 // Lecture 2: Ethics in science and planning
— Ethics in science and experiments
— Ethics in planning field
— Plagiarism and other research ethics fundamentals
Discussion on seminar topics
5 // Off-class study
Advisor/mentor meetings
Working on seminar contents
6 // Lecture 3: The art of seminar presentation
— Preparing presentations about technical or non-technical subjects;
— Acquiring skills for successful presentations in front of communities;
— Appreciating the importance of communication during presentation
Discussion on seminar contents
7 // Off-class study
Finalizing seminar contents and outlines
Preparing first presentation drafts
8 // Preliminary seminar presentations- 1
Q&A and discussion
9 // Off-class study
Elaborating & refining presentations
10 // Preliminary seminar presentations- 2
Q&A and discussion
11 ** Spring break **
12 // Advanced review forum
Revisiting course topics in specific seminar contexts
Student-led discussion and consultancy
13 // Off-class study
Elaborating & refining presentations
14 // Final round of seminar presentations
Q&A and discussion
15 // Final round of seminar presentations continued (if necessary)
Q&A and discussion
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