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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Week 1 Reasons of Social Ecology and Environmental Psychology in Architecture and Urban Design.
Week 2 Contents of Social Ecology and Environmental Psychology related with Arch. and Urban Design.
Week 3 Characteristics and relation of man–environment
Week 4 Need of man, processes of sociality and individuality
Week 5 Culture and social change
Week 6 Processes of culture – environment relationship
Week 7 Transaction of culture-environment and globalization concern with Built &Urban Environment.
Week 8 Study of theories and researches on Social Ecology and related to Architectural and Urban Design.
Week 9 Study of theories and researches on Environmental Psychology related to Archit.and Urban Design.
Week 10 Social and physical environment and their influence on behavior and well-being.
Week 11 Discussion and evaluation of social and environmental problems
Week 12 Environmental Stress
Week 13 Changes of Society: Society of Future
Week 14 Changes of Building and Cities: opinion about future
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