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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Supramoleküler Kimya
English Supramolecular Chemistry
Course Code
KIM 612E Credit Lecture
Semester 2
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Şennur Özçelik
Course Objectives During the last three decades chemistry beyond the covalently bonded molecules has received great interest and these non-covalent systems are grouped as super molecules or supramolecular systems. On the one hand,topics such as specific recognition, reactivity, transport and self establishment, which are extremely important in biological sciences, could have been successfully explained by these intermolecular interactions.

On the other hand, nanotechnology which covers a great part of materials science has been forcing the miniaturization of devices by reducing them to molecular level. In conclusion, supramolecular chemistry enables many new accomplishments in biology, materials science and nanotechnology by making use of the main concepts in chemistry, so it is expected to add value to graduate program in chemistry.
Course Description Molecular recognition of supramolecular; Synthesis of supramolecular; supramolecular reactivity and catalysis; bioorganic and bioinorganic model compounds; host-guest chemistry with cations and anions; clathrate inclusion compounds; photoresponsive host-guest systems; transport processes and carried design; non-linear optical properties of supramolecular species; supramolecular electrochemistry; electronic applications of supramolecular systems; molecular and supramolecular systems; molecular and supramolecular devices.
Course Outcomes
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