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GEM 512E - Ship Stability and Safety

Course Objectives

1. Understanding of advanced ship stability and new directions in ship stability and safety.
2. Analysis of nonlinear methods in ship stability with examples.
3. Coverage of new rules and regulations of IMO or other international organizations for various type ships.

Course Description

Brief summary of ship stability and chronological development. Nonlinear stability theories and methods such as harmonic balance, weighted residuals, Lyapunov and Melnikov methods etc. Analysis of dynamical ship stability. Roll motion, parametric resonance and their mitigation. Damaged stability of ships and capsize phenomenon and its significance and applications for various vessels. Stability of ro-ro ships and calculation of probabilistic damaged stability. International new rules and regulations in ship stability such as Stockholm agreement and their applications. Stability of new generation tankers. Stability of special vessels. New rules and regulations in ship and environmental safety and their immediate impact. Stability of sailing yachts and stability criteria.

Course Coordinator
Metin Taylan
Course Language
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