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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Mimarlık Araştırmalarında Niteliksel ve Sayısal Yöntemler
English Qualitative&Quant.Mthd.Archite
Course Code
MTS 505E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 - - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Dilek Yıldız Özkan
Göksenin İnalhan
Mıchael Stefan Bıttermann
Course Objectives 1. Enabling students to identify research methods in architecture in a systematic way from the simplest techniques to complex techniques.
2. Giving students the ability of transforming a problem into a research problem, conducting a research and writing its report.
3. Enabling students to critically examine the weaknesses and strengths of various data collection, analyses and evaluation techniques and to be able to select appropriate ones among them.
4. Increasing students' awareness of some basic methods offered by mathematics for architectural knowledge elicitation that are able to cope with the softness of the knowledge.
5. Ensuring that students experience the research process with a research article he/she will prepare throughout the semester.
Course Description Introduction to the research: Major qualities of research, description of research methodology and techniques, qualitative and quantitative paradigms in research, epistemologic, ontologic and methodological differences in these paradigms.
Defining research problem: Types of theories and its relation with methodology, literature review, stating hypotheses and research questions, defining variables and their types.
Research design: Phases of research, design, planning process, costs and time in research, reliability, validity and plagiarism.
Data collection techniques: Interviewing, questionnaires, observation, cognitive mapping, archival research, data gathered through built environment, photographs, visual materials and videos etc.
Basics of data, information and knowledge elicitation in architectural design research: Probability theory and statistics; descriptive statistics and parametric statistical testing (Student’s t, ANOVA); non-parametric statistical testing (Chi-squared test of independence), linear regression (least squares, correlation coefficient).
Communicating research results: Writing research report, papers and articles.
Course Outcomes
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