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ELK 504E - Dynamics of Electric. Machines

Course Objectives

1. Describing energy conversion in various electrical machines using electromechanical energy conversion concepts,
2. Calculation of necessary model parameters for given type and ratings of a machine,
3. Establishing the state differential equations describing the dynamic behavior of the machine,
4. Application of mathematical transformations for dynamic equations of the machine,
5. Analysis of the dynamic behavior of the machine under different operating conditions.

Course Description

Principles of electromechanical energy conversion, conservation of energy, flux linkage, field energy, co-energy, induced torque and force expressions, state equations of electromechanical systems, mathematical modeling of electrical machines, reference frame theory, transformation between reference frames, transformed equivalent circuit model of alternating-current machines, linearization of machine equations, dynamic analysis of transformers, direct-current, synchronous and induction machines, computer analysis of single and multi-machine problems.

Course Coordinator
Lale Ergene
Course Language
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